Motivating Your Child to Succeed on the Doman Method Program

My favorite chapter in Glenn Doman’s book, “What to Do About Your Brain Injured Child” has to be Chapter 25. It’s called, “On Motivation.” Glenn’s amazing book taught parents of children with special needs how to create an excellent program to speed their child’s development, but for me, Chapter 25 was the icing on the cake. Being Glenn’s daughter-in-law, and having had the opportunity to sit with him in his office as he taught parents, I realized how importance his guidance was in motivating parents to be the best therapists for their children.

My daughter Morgan had learning problems and speech problems. For two years, my family completed a daily Doman Method program with her. During those two years, I made a copy of that wonderful chapter and placed it on my refrigerator. Doing this, along with several other important steps, was my salvation in completing a happy and successful treatment program with my daughter.

If you are a parent starting a Doman Method Program, or an experienced parent who has been doing the program for years, I recommend reading the chapter carefully to get your motivation directly from Glenn Doman. Here are some additional recommendations that can be helpful for motivating you to do a successful program with your child:

  1. Increase your program gradually: When starting a Doman Method Program, it is essential that you gradually increase your program. You’re program can’t be too hard so that your child fails, but it can’t be too easy as your child needs to be challenged. Your child can slowly build on their success from day-to-day. Post your goals publicly so the entire family and all your helpers can see. Work gradually toward those goals by building up slowly.

  2. Use a Daily Checklist: Children love to see what is expected of them. A checklist gives your child a sense of control, and it keeps you organized. A checklist includes a list of everything you must accomplish in the day. This is very important in doing a great Doman Method Program.

  3. Be the Best Coach You Can Be: Doing the Doman Method Program with my own daughter meant I wasn’t just a mother -- I was also a coach. It was my job as a coach to remind Morgan at the right moment what she needed to do to achieve her daily goal, and to support and push her to do it. As a coach, I was committed to helping her to be the best person she can be. She knew at all times I was there for her.

  4. Lose the Cellphone: Yes, the phone is a problem. When I was doing the Doman Method with Morgan, I turned my phone off. I had to be present mentally with my daughter - she needed my full attention. When completing the program, my phone was put away. The program went much faster because there were no distractions.

  5. Read Glenn Doman’s Words: Yes, I read the “On Motivation” chapter at least one time per week. I memorized Glenn Doman’s passage: “Thus we have the formula: success which leads us to reward, which leads to motivation, which leads to her actually wanting to do it again and looking forward to doing it again.”


        What Glenn is saying that it is “success that creates motivation”.
If you help your child feel successful in their Doman Method program, they will be motivated to keep working to better themselves.
This motivation will lead to greater success. This is what we are trying to achieve!