An Open Letter from Douglas Doman to Parents

Dear Parents,

As we have mentioned to you in our Doman Method Course: From Special Needs to Wellness, and parents doing the Doman Method Program - you come first. Glenn Doman, my father had a brillaint discovery --  that parents are the best therapists for their children with special needs.

We, the staff of Doman International, fully understand that for children with special needs to have the best results that our parents must come first. Parents are the heart of our program, and with most families, it is the moms who are primarily doing the program (although we have dads who are primary programmers as well!). Your dedication and love drives our results. Our program is all about results. That means that we need to take great care of our parents. We need to help our parents to have a good night's sleep. We need to help our parents to have a nutritional program as good as their brain injured child’s diet. We need to help our parents make certain they have enough time for themselves to have the energy and enthusiasm they need for their child.

If you put your own health and happiness first, you’ll be doing the best favor for your child. Erma Bombeck in her beautiful poem The Special Mother (1983) says as much. The staff of Doman International knows that we need to listen to our parents and provide them with what they need and want. We have worked hard as a team to consider this to improve the Glenn Doman Method program in this last year.

What do our parents need and want? Results, results, results! Yes, our job is to innovate and find new methods that grow and develop the brain better. In 2018, we have taught you some of these new programs and techniques. We are developing other new treatments to initiate in 2019.

There are practical ways we can help our parents to improve the quality of their lives and their brain injured children. The staff of Doman International comes from nine countries and five continents. When we go to Europe next week to see our European children, the staff will converge to our center in Pisa, Italy. We know that travellng is difficult for our parents. We can imagine how difficult it must be to pack parents and child into a crowded airplane in economy class, because we do it all the time. We know about the hassles of dealing with customs, jet lag because of time change, travel preparations, etc. In 2019, we are devising ways for you to stay home. Home is the best place for you to be for your child and to not disrupt your child’s Doman Method Program.

Giving you more time at home, and less time travelling, saves you a great deal of expenses. Everybody wins. Decreasing travel, eliminating time change, and saving money for our parents -- this is our big challenge for 2019.

This brings us to Doman International’s new years resolution - our new model we will be launching in the next year. We will begin the process of certifying Doman International evaluators around the world so that children on any continent (and eventually in every country) can get evaluated and their parents taught a personalized Glenn Doman Method Program. This is the future of the Doman Method, surely. Glenn Doman would have been proud.

Each and every member of our clinical and medical staff pledges that throughout 2019 and the future we will maintain our 100% support of you, our mothers and fathers, both emotionally and practically. The Doman International Institute exists for you and your child. If you have any questions or problems, do not hesitate to pick up the phone or email us. We are here for you. The results of your child drives us and gives us the energy and love to improve our program and our support of you.

Your feedback is also invaluable. By providing us with the maximum feedback we can give you what you need and want. Only you can tell us that. You are helping us to do a better job for you, and you are helping us to help your brain injured child.

As 2019 begins, let us do our best to produce as many victories, wins, and success stories for each and everyone of our children. They deserve the best we can give them.

Much Love,

Douglas Doman

Director of Doman International