Never Go To Sleep Angry

The reverend that married Rosalind and I made us make a solemn vow.  One we would never break.

He said that we should vow to one another that we would never go to bed ANGRY or UNHAPPY  with each other. If you are upset, you promise to stay awake and solve the problem. NEVER break the vow.

I don’t think either of us thought we would be able to keep the promise. We had met as work colleagues seven years earlier. We knew each other very well. We worked together every day in intense, emotional work with brain-injured children. Working together, there were bound to be disagreements. Living together, there were going to be issues. Once we had children, there were likely to be even more problems.

Gentleman, let’s admit it — nine out of ten times, we’re the ones in trouble and it’s our wives who are unhappy with us (and usually it’s deserved!) If there is a man out there who has done better, help the rest of us out.

Because I was the one with the worse track record, I made sure to NEVER break the vow. It hasn’t been easy, but the advice was sage and priceless. It made it so that we were never upset with one another more than a day, and usually less. Only the Good Lord knows how much better it has made our relationship.

Keeping this promise to each other, to resolve issues before falling asleep, is important because first it stops building of anger and resentment and allows you to fix problems faster. It has worked very well for me for the past 37 years. I highly recommend that you and your spouse take this advice, as I did.