What Should Parents Do If They Miss Some Program?

Parents often ask us, “What if I missed doing the program with my child for a day or a few days? What if I couldn’t achieve the entire program with my child in a day? What do I do?

In answering this question, we would like to comment upon two different important aspects of your child’s program and your approach moving forward. First, how you think and feel about having missed the program, and the action you take moving forward.

How do you think?

Life happens. Things don’t always go as planned. If you were not able to do the full program, it is even worse that you, the parent, who is lovingly working so hard with your child, is beating yourself up for not being good enough.

Remember, your child loves you and looks up to you, even if they have not told you so recently. You are their role model. They look at you and learn that it is okay to see yourself through good and the not-so-great times. One of the most important life lessons you will get to teach your child is that of self-love and self-acceptance. There is no need to dwell on the past -- it won’t help you or your child!

What do you do moving forward?

Number One: Each day is a new day. Do not carry burdens of guilt, dissatisfactions or missed opportunities into your new day. When the sun goes down, that particular day is over. When the sun comes up, it is a brand new day for you and your child.

Number Two: Consistency brings results. Focus on building consistency. A program done consistently and executed correctly produces far better results than an more intense program done inconsistently. Once there is consistency, it is far easier to build on the success you are having. Try to focus on the most important elements of your child’s program that you can get done every single day. Do not let go of them because of the things that you are having a hard time with. Believe us, that which you do every single day is the best bet for your child!

Number Three: Contact your staff coach. This program is teamwork. If you are meeting challenges with consistency, remember that the staff at Doman International has seen it all! It is expected that you are going to meet certain obstacles and barriers. Like we said earlier, “life happens!” We can carefully navigate those challenges together through tender attention that help to build on your success.