Building Consistency

Consistency brings results. Every effort a parent may put into a program, if it is directed toward building consistency, it will surely gain results.

The following are some of the practical steps you may take to build consistency in the program with your child.

Keywords: schedule, timed period, breaks, checklist, order of priority, easy to difficult

  1. Create a schedule - Since you are educating your child at home, like any school, create a schedule for the day.

a. Block off sleep times and meal times for the day for both parent and child.

b. Outside of sleep and meal times, create periods of 90-120 minutes.

c. Determine the total number of periods you want in a day.

d. Determine start and end times for each period and consequent break.

e. Divide the goals for each program more or less equally into each period.

f. Plug into each period the number of sessions for each program in rotation.

2. Post the schedule in your program room.

3. Create checklist of goals for sessions to be accomplished in each period. Post checklist in the program room. Mark it off everyday.

4. Take a look at your programming sheet. It has the list of your goals in order of priority. Begin with accomplishing the goals highest in priority for your child for each period.

5. Within the top priority program, begin with the part easiest to start accomplishing. Write it down as a reminder. Don’t let this go even on worst days.

6. When starting something new, always begin with the easy and then move toward the more difficult. This is because success builds success. Success is necessary to build consistency.

You will know what you are able to do consistently and will be able to work with your staff coach in creating realistic goals every visit you make at Doman International without compromising your child’s results.