Glenn Doman's Legacy: Coma Arousal and Stroke Recovery

Pioneering Coma Arousal and Stroke Recovery

Glenn Doman’s legacy is all about improving the human condition and the quality of life of people worldwide. He is well known for creating breakthroughs for children with special needs and brain damage.


Glenn Doman and his pioneering work were decades ahead of its time. Coma arousal is one example of brain development and treatment, where much of the world is still unaware of his amazing achievements. By the 1960s, Glenn Doman had created the first Coma Arousal teams. These teams consisted of medical and clinical staff who would go into hospitals and arouse patients in coma. In some cases, the patient was aroused within days and totally conscience. In some cases, the patients started talking and walking. In other cases, they trained the local hospital staff to continue with the Coma Arousal afterward. Sometimes it took weeks or months to bring the patient out of a coma.

To this day, around the world, people remain in comas for days, weeks, months and sometimes many years. These patients need around-the-clock care, it’s a traumatic experience for family members, and it’s very expensive for health systems.

Scientific articles were published decades ago showing the results of people who have been aroused from coma using the Doman Method. A significant number return to work and live happy, productive lives. One study showed that 91% of patients in a coma that received a Doman Method sensory stimulation program came out of the coma! The study can be found here:

It is tragic for patients that this information is not implemented worldwide. It is tragic for the families of those who are in a coma who live in fear of the death of their loved one. Finally, there is a huge drain on social services. Billions and billions of dollars and euros have been spent. But still it is believed the people in a coma cannot be aroused. Glenn Doman’s Coma Arousal program is ready and waiting for those in desperate need.


Another part of Glenn Doman’s legacy that remains unrecognized and unutilized is neuro-rehabilitation for those who have had a stroke. In the book What To Do About Your Brain Injured Child, Glenn Doman explains that his pioneering work with brain development began with adults. These adults had traumatic brain injuries from car accidents, surgical procedures gone awry, but the large majority were adults who had had a stroke. Glenn Doman created physical, physiological, and intellectual programs for these adults. All of the treatments involved developing the central nervous system. The patients began to walk, talk, read and write again. In some cases, they returned to work with little or no problems.

As the word spread in the 1960s about Glenn Doman and the Doman Method, parents brought their children to receive a Doman Method program. Eventually the great majority of our work involved children. The book What To Do About Your Brain Injured Child is just as important for adults with brain injury as it is for children. It is the brain that needs to be treated for all of these patients. The age of the patient is not a factor. To this day, Doman International accepts anyone with a brain injury regardless of their age. All that matters is that there is a loving family to support the family member with brain injury.

There are millions of people around the world who have had strokes. These people have great potential for recovery. Yet they continue to be considered hopeless.

The Doman International Institute and our Staff are ready and willing to help anyone in a coma or who have had a stroke, anywhere around the world. We have more than 50 years of experience, The Doman Method is completely aimed at the growth and development of the brain. Helping these patients in coma or who had suffered strokes, long regarded to be hopeless by the world, is a grand and important part of Glenn Doman’s legacy.

Douglas Doman