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Grains 101 - Which Are Best and How to Cook Them

Whole grains are a key part of any well-balanced Doman Method Nutrition Program.  These carbohydrates are a great source of fiber, vitamins and minerals that our body and brain needs to function at its optimal level.  Some grains are also a great source of protein and can be beneficial for our families who are on a vegetarian diet.

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Glenn Doman Changed How the World Looks at Children with Special Needs

The entire “system” for children with special needs is rigged. The viewpoint toward these children is rigged. The general viewpoint is that children with neurodevelopmental conditions are hopeless and that little or nothing can be done for them. Imagine if you were born and everyone had the viewpoint that you were hopeless and little or nothing could be done for you? How would your life be today?

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Teaching Children with Special Needs Reading with the Glenn Doman Method

Glenn Doman realized over 50 years ago that children with autism, cerebral palsy, trisomy 21, ADD/ADHD and other special needs often failed to learn to read in school. Instead of new methods being pioneered that were tailor-made for teaching the children how to read, it was assumed these children were failing because of their learning problems, and the school system often gave up on them.

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