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You And Your Spouse Need A Date

There is another piece of advice the reverend who married my wife and I, gave to me in 1981.

He said EVERY month, without FAIL, my wife and I were to go out and  have a date with one another.

As a twenty year old, this seemed like a no brainer. Of course we were going to go out as much as possible. We thought we would do this many times a month. Only once? Easy.

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A Small Thing To Do Each Day For Your Marriage

Before Rosalind and I were married in 1981, the reverend who was to marry us sat us down for some sage advice. I respected him, he was an older guy and had seen a lot in his life.

He said EVERY day the two of us were to spend five minutes together — no interruptions, no kids, no distractions.

It seemed too simple to have a purpose. I thought FIVE MINUTES, that’s nothing! Is it really worth it?

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My Advice for Dads

In 1983, Rosalind and I had our first child. We couldn't wait to use everything we had learned as Child Brain Developmentalists to develop our baby intellectually, physically and socially. Since we worked together, I was able to stay at home every Thursday and do the program with our well baby. Rosalind went to work that day to stay active in her profession. Of course, I helped with the baby’s program on weekends as well as when I was home.

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