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Steps to Take to Bring Doman International to Your Country

Our introduction to the Balkans began in an extraordinary way. Jelena and Novak Djokovic are two exceptionally bright and fine individuals. The Novak Djokovic Foundation, headed by the Djokovics, sponsored introductory lectures for the parents of children with special needs and well babies in Belgrade, Serbia in 2015. The attendance of the lectures was extraordinary. Spencer and I had interviews with ten television shows, ten radio shows, and a host of magazines and newspapers.

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Glenn Doman Changed How the World Looks at Children with Special Needs

The entire “system” for children with special needs is rigged. The viewpoint toward these children is rigged. The general viewpoint is that children with neurodevelopmental conditions are hopeless and that little or nothing can be done for them. Imagine if you were born and everyone had the viewpoint that you were hopeless and little or nothing could be done for you? How would your life be today?

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You And Your Spouse Need A Date

There is another piece of advice the reverend who married my wife and I, gave to me in 1981.

He said EVERY month, without FAIL, my wife and I were to go out and  have a date with one another.

As a twenty year old, this seemed like a no brainer. Of course we were going to go out as much as possible. We thought we would do this many times a month. Only once? Easy.

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