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What Should Parents Do If They Miss Some Program?

Parents often ask us, “What if I missed doing the program with my child for a day or a few days? What if I couldn’t achieve the entire program with my child in a day? What do I do?

In answering this question, we would like to comment upon two different important aspects of your child’s program and your approach moving forward. First, how you think and feel about having missed the program, and the action you take moving forward.

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Label and Limit — How the World Views Special Needs

Label and Limit — How the World Views Special Needs By Spencer Doman, M.Ed. For parents of children with special needs, the diagnosis they are given for their child is like receiving a life sentence... Autism. Cerebral Palsy. Developmental Delay. Epilepsy. ADHD. Brain injury. Learning difficulties. Trisomy 21 and other genetic abnormalities. These terms are frightening and would make any parent of a young child shudder. Can you blame them?

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