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What Should Parents Do If They Miss Some Program?

Parents often ask us, “What if I missed doing the program with my child for a day or a few days? What if I couldn’t achieve the entire program with my child in a day? What do I do?

In answering this question, we would like to comment upon two different important aspects of your child’s program and your approach moving forward. First, how you think and feel about having missed the program, and the action you take moving forward.

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Parents of Children with Special Needs: Your Kids Don’t Need Equal Time

If you are the parent of a child with special needs, and if your child has siblings, you’ve probably been told at some point that you need to “give your children equal time.” Parents of kids with special needs have been told this for decades. The repercussions of not giving the children equal time, they are told, are frightening — your neurotypical child will suffer emotionally and lash out by possibly resenting you as a parent, and their sibling with special needs to boot.

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Why the Doman Method Course?

For parents of children with special needs, there may be no parent training course more powerful than the Doman Method Course. With three days of intensive lectures and workshops, the staff of Doman International instruct, enable, and empower parents to return home and start helping their children develop and grow.

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What is the Doman Method?

When parents of children with special needs search for answers to help their children, they often hear about “The Doman Method” and Doman International’s work, and its approach to helping children with special needs. However, it is sometimes unclear to parents what the Doman Method is and how it works.

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