Joining Our Team

What You Should Know

Doman International is an elite team of child brain developmentalists and support staff with a passion for helping children with special needs reach their full potential. We are warm, caring individuals who are constantly striving to find new, innovative ways to improve the lives of the children on our programs. We are currently seeking warm, empathetic, and adventurous people who have a passion for teaching parents worldwide about how to help their children with special needs. 

We strive to treat each family and each child like we would our own. We have a love of travel and are proud to say that we have helped children all over the world.


Open Positions 

February 2018 UPDATE
doman international has already accepted the maximum number of new staff for training for the 2o18 calendar year. if you are interested in being considered as a candidate to join Di's staff, please fill out the below form and we will add your resume to our file for consideration for 2019. thank you for considering joining doman international's mission.


Child brain developmentalist In Training

As a person training to be a child brain developmentalist, you will enjoy the perks of traveling all over the world. Doman International travels to Italy, Russia, India, Guatemala and many other countries. We are also pleased to offer full medical benefits at no cost to you, and can provide housing to select candidates. Our team of clinical staff evaluate children, and teach their parents a carefully designed plan of treatment that we devise for each child based on his or her needs. This highly trained staff will train you on the job so that you can have hands-on experience teaching parents. You get to choose your field of specialization which might include nutrition, respiration, intelligence, or mobility.


  • Bachelors degree

  • Loves to work with children and teach others

  • A natural problem solver who seeks out answers

  • A hard worker who places the needs of families first, a good member of the team

  • Ability to teach parents in a joyous and loving way


  • Helping the best families in the world

  • Working with a devoted and experience team of staff

  • Global travel

  • Full healthcare benefits

  • Paid sick leave

  • Paid vacation

  • Staff housing