Doman Ayuwave
Institute for
Integrative Health

Ayuwave and Doman International have joined forces to provide further the wellbeing and education of all those committed to holistic integrative health. We are a group of professionals that combine our multidisciplinary approach to offer the ultimate healthcare to our clients and to promote our holistic approach to other healthcare professionals to provide a rippling affect of healing throughout all our communities. We are committed to providing a safe place for all to come to heal and learn.

We are excited to offer three different events in 2019 to help spread our mission and to provide excellent services for our partners! Please fill out the contact form below for more information about any events!


Our Offerings for You


Consultations with Dr. Vijay Murthy

Dr. Vijay Murthy is offering one time holistic health consultation so you can achieve the ultimate health. This is offered to whomever would like to sign up! Click HERE to download more information.


Continued Professional Development Seminar

Ayuwave is creating a Integrative Health Seminar for Continued Professional Development at the beautiful campus in Pisa. They will combine Continued Professional Development with restful relaxing retreat. All professionals are welcome. Click HERE for more information!


The “Ultimate You” Experience

Doman Ayuwave has created a 9-day retreat for anyone looking to rejuvenate their life. We are combining relaxation with knowledge in the form of a beautiful getaway in Tuscany! Click HERE for more information!

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