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Decades of experience in child development and in treating children with special needs has led to the creation of our parent training course: "The Doman Method: From Special Needs to Wellness". The course is an intense, three-day seminar for parents, who learn directly from our staff how to develop a personalized home treatment plan for their child. On the day after the course, parents are offered a free 30 minute consultation with one of our child brain developmentalists who revises the child's home treatment plan and answers any final questions the parents have. The goal of the course is for parents to gain insight into their child's condition, develop a personalized Doman Method plan for their child, and for parents to leave with their questions answered. Parents come home from the course with a detailed, integrative program to help their child. Children do not need to attend this course as it is a training seminar specifically designed for parents.

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what makes this course special

This course is comprised of seminars taught by world leading experts in the Doman Method, nutrition, physical development, intellectual and cognitive development, sensory integration, speech development, respiration, pediatric sleep and health. The instructors take this knowledge and teach it in a relevant, understandable, and practical way to parents. Topics covered include:

  • Explaining the neuroscientific background of your child's challenges

  • How you as parent play the most important role in your child's development

  • What to do about your child's physical development, and how this affects cognitive and physiological development

  • Sensory integration programs to treat your child's underlying sensory issues

  • Programs that can help your child's cognitive, intellectual and speech development

  • What to do about your child's nutrition to improve their overall development

  • Improving your child's breathing and how respiration affects brain function

  • Improving communication with your child with special needs

  • How to properly evaluate your child with special needs and track progress

  • Understanding your child's condition and how they experience the world

  • How to get started with helping your child at home


Questions about the doman method course?

Contact one of our helpful representatives, and they will address any questions or concerns you have. They have helped thousands of parents, and take pride in getting back to families quickly and helping them.


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