Doman Method™ Live Training

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the initial course

Decades of experience in child development and in the care of children with special needs have allowed us to create our training course "The Doman Method™ course: from special needs to wellness". The course consists of three-day full-immersion seminars for parents who learn directly from our team how to create a personalized program for their children to execute at home. The day after the course the parents are offered a free 30-minute consultation with one of our experts who will review the program for the child and will answer all questions. The aim of the course is for parents to better understand the condition of their children and create a personalized plan with the Doman Method, so as to return home with all the answers to their questions.

Parents will return home after the course with a detailed and integrated program to help their children. Children do not participate in the course as it is a training course created exclusively for parents.

Consider taking the doman method™ course if your child is diagnosed with:


What makes this course special

This course consists of lectures held by world-class experts specializing in the Doman Method, in nutrition, physical development, intellectual and cognitive development, sensory integration, language development, respiration, sleep, and child health. Lecturers use this knowledge by teaching them in an engaging, understandable and practical way for parents. Topics covered include:

  • The explanation of the neuroscientific aspects of the challenges facing your child

  • Why parents have the most important role in the development of their child

  • What to do for the child's physical development and how this affects his cognitive and physiological development

  • Stimulation and sensory integration programs to treat baby's sensory problems

  • Programs that can encourage the cognitive, intellectual and language development of your child

  • How to organize your child's diet to improve his overall development

  • Improve the child's breathing and the way in which breathing affects brain function

  • Improve communication with the child

  • How to properly assess your child and monitor his progress

  • Understanding the conditions of their children and how they live the world

  • How to start helping children at home


Contact one of our representatives, and they will answer any question or doubt you have. They have helped thousands of parents and are proud to answer quickly to help families. .