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With twenty years’ experience in the mining industry, Mr. Rodriguez-Martinez is an engineer and received an MSC in Economic Policy from Northeastern University in Boston, MA. He is a Fulbright scholar of MIT’s Urban and Regional Development Program (1985-1986) He has also worked as an adviser to the board of Directors of the Colombian Senate. He has played an important role in the setup of the internet infrastructure in Colombia. He was also the Vice President of Telematics at the Colombian National Telecom Company. 

He currently is a Professor for various post-graduate programs including JAVERIANA FEI University in Bogota, and Aldo at ESAP (school for public administrators).

He is the President and owner of the INVERCOAL GROUP, Colombia’s largest METALLURGIC COAL and ANTHRACITE Minning Venture. 

Mr. Rodriguez-Martinez is helping spearhead Doman International’s incorporation in Colombia.