Overview of Services



Step One For Parents: Learn more about Doman International and our approach in helping families with children with special needs. Begin by scheduling a free consultation with one of our experienced representatives - they have helped hundreds of families worldwide learn more about our work and get started. They will want to hear from you about your child and the specific challenges your family is facing, as well as answer any questions you have about Doman International's treatment plans and approach. Our representatives are well-known for their quick response to parents and willingness to answer questions. They will also suggest recommended reading so that you can gain insight into your child's condition, and how to get started immediately with starting your child on a path to getting better.

There is no cost for contacting one of our representatives - they are here to help answer your questions.



We teach and empower parents to help their kids. The best way for parents to learn from our team of child development experts, and to develop a treatment plan for their child is to attend our parent training course: "The Doman Method: From Special Needs to Wellness". The course is an intense, four-day seminar for parents to learn directly from our staff how to develop a personalized home treatment plan for their child. The goal of the course is for parents to gain insight into their child's condition, develop a personalized plan for each child, and for parents to leave with their questions answered. Parents come home from the course with a detailed and integrative program to help their child, the staff will be available to sit with you privately to revise the ultimate development plan you have created for your child and answer questions. Children do not need to attend this course as it is a training seminar specifically designed for parents.



Prerequisite: One parent of the child has attended the parent training course

The Start Up Program is a monthly consultation program for parents who have attended "The Doman Method: From Special Needs to Wellness". The family has phone consultations with our team of staff, who design a personalized and integrated home treatment plan for cognitive, physical and physiological development. The family receives teaching, support and answers to their questions while on this program.



Pre requisite: One parent must have attended the course.

The Initial Visit includes a functional neurological assessment of the child by our staff, as well as a customized designed program for the child created by our team of child brain developmentalists. Parents are taught the comprehensive, integrated treatment program that will be carried out at home. Each family is assigned a staff coach who will be responsible for answering all of their questions once they return home. The goal of The Initial Visit is to join The Advanced Doman Program in the future and return regularly for appointments.



Pre requisite: Both parents have attended the course and come for THE INITIAL VISIT.

After attending the Initial Visit, many families want to continue updating their child’s home program with the constant guidance of our staff. The Advanced Doman Program includes regular six-month appointments to Doman International, as well as advanced parent training that is given at these visits. Each family is designated a staff coach who is responsible for ensuring any question that they have at home is answered promptly. At each visit, the child is re-evaluated to measure progress and the  child’s home program is enhanced and updated.