“When you are the Dad”

This is for all the parents in a supporting role in the Doman Method Program at home. This person, the secondary programmer, is usually working and can only help with the program at certain times of the week or on weekends. In most families, this person is called “Dad”. I am writing this from the point of view of a Life Coach, having worked with many families on the Doman Method Program.

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Morgan DomanComment
Glenn Doman - The Man Who Defied Gravity

At Doman International, every device or environment that is given to a child must ultimately be self-eliminating. Our goal is to make a child move independently. This means no walkers, ankle-foot orthosis (AFOs), braces, gait trainers, etc.. In the world of physical therapy, this is still unheard of. And to think that Glenn was teaching this over 50 years ago!

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