GLENN DOMAN’S LEGACY: Glenn Doman took Temple Fay’s brilliant ideas and made them into practical methods.

As a young physical therapist, Glenn Doman had the opportunity to work under the brilliant neurosurgeon, Dr. Temple Fay. Fay held the chair of Neurosurgery and Neurology at Temple University Medical School. In the book What To Do About Your Brain Injured Child (1990), Glenn explains how he met Dr. Fay. He explains how Fay became his mentor, and how they went into private practice together after the war.

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Glenn Doman: He Never Left the Wounded Behind

To speak about what I learned from my grandfather, Glenn Doman, I have to tell you first about my parents. I was born in Bryn Mawr in September to Rosalind and Douglas Doman. When I was only three months old, I was given a shot and began to have complications. I fell very ill with the whooping cough and had to go on antibiotics. 

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Best Non-fruit Snacks for Your Child

At Doman International, our goal is to provide the best possible nutritional advice for our families on the program.   Although our Nutrition Program does involve restricting of foods we give a child with special needs, we know that it means the best possible support for a child’s brain growth and immunity.

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Glenn Doman: Champion of Children with Special Needs

Sixty years ago, having a developmental delay or suffering brain damage was a life sentence. Children and adults were often written off, considered to be hopeless, and often sent to live in institutions where they were housed with the mentally ill. The brain was considered to be an organ that could not be repaired, and so damage to the brain was thought to be irreversible.

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