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Legacy Ambassadors 

Individuals who are actively creating a legacy for the parents of their country, for their local Doman International Institute, and generations to come.


Rajesh Sinha

Region: India & United States

Rajesh Sinha is the founder and Chairman of Fulcrum Digital. Under his aegis, Fulcrum expanded its operations to include UK, Europe, APAC and South America. The cloud product he envisioned, FulcrumOne, has created numerous business platforms for various industries such as Higher Education, Supply Chain, and Food Services Management to name a few. In 2016, he was instrumental in the acquisition of Redstage, a boutique eCommerce design agency.

Under his thoughtful leadership, Fulcrum was recognized as one of the best employers by the DQ TOP 20 and as the fastest growing company by Inc. Magazine. Rajesh was nominated for the E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year and recognized as one of the top 50 CEOs by SmartCEO in New York. He received the Fast 50 Asian American Businesses Award for “demonstrating resilience and performance with excellence.” Rajesh graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering from Amravati University and completed the Harvard University President’s Program.

The Fulcrum Foundation, a not-for-profit organization, is a cause led by him that has adopted 11 underprivileged families in a remote location of Maharashtra. It also enables underprivileged kids to get continuous access to education and employability. He helps brain-injured children and their parents worldwide by promoting lectures, books, and materials. Additionally, he is on the board member for Pune City Connect, who institutionalize a forum for industry and government to work collectively along with NGOs and citizens, towards development of Pune. 


Aleksander and Nika Grgic

Region: The Balkans

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Jack Snyder

Region: Europe

Cristian Rodríguez-Martinez

Region: Ibero-American

Engineer and MSC in Economic Policy and Planning from Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusetts, and Fellow ay MIT at the PROGRAM IN URBAN AND REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT (1985-1986.)


President and Owner of the INVERCOAL GROUP, Colombia’s largest METALLURGIC Coal and ANTHRACITE Minning Venture.

Post - Graduate Professor at la JAVERIANA FEI University in Bogota and Aldo at ESAP (school for public administrators )

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Carlo Caballero

Region: Ibero-American

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Viraj Mohan

Region: India

Viraj was the first recipient of Doman International's Glenn Doman award (2018) for anyone who helps children via or contributes to Doman International's work and growth.