Doman Success Stories

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Erik had no mobility before starting the Doman Method program. He was perpetually tired and had stiff limbs.

Erik’s mother shares, "I would encourage any parent to do the Doman Method with their child. As soon as we learned of the Doman Method and we put Erik on a floor, our entire life changed. Before, we would carry him in our arms and for five years, he was nervous, tired, and stiff all the time."

"When I read the book “What to Do About Your Brain Injured Child,” the chapter on the“Floor”, I almost fell off my chair. NOBODY ever told us to put our child down! I was so angry.... We were torturing him and he was torturing us. "

"Now it is totally different. He is much more calm, he sleeps when he wants, he is moving, in small bursts but he is increasing every day. He is much more relaxed and he doesn't cry the whole day and night."

"The “Floor” chapter is something that every medical professional and physical therapist should hang on the wall, so that every parent has the opportunity to read it; instead of all those diplomas and certificates and all of those unnecessary courses that none of those parents are interested in... am I overreacting?"

For the first time in 5 years, Erik moves! Seeing him crawl down the Incline Floor is a great reminder that consistency and determination always results in great things!

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