help children with special needs reach their fullest potential


Doman International wants to empower all children with special needs AND THEIR FAMILIES, to get the care and attention they need to live healthy, full lives and explore the world. However, many families need financial assistance to be able to attend our Courses and Programs.


We need your support!


 You can help us ensure that EVERY child with special needs and their families can access the treatment they need.

Your donation today will help provide vital scholarships for families with kids with special needs.

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Give a child a free respiratory device and help THEM continue respiratory program


provide a parent a scholarship to life-changing knowledge for their child


provide a parents and a child a scholarship on a remote consultation


give a child a scholarship on a full live appointment with doman international


provide a child with fully doman international appointment

other amount

help A CHILD AND their family become closer to healthy and quality lives

Doman International provides more than 60 families in need with scholarships every year!

For those of you who have already made a donation to our globalgiving campaign,

we are truly grateful for your support!


It is an incredibly rewarding honor. Even more so when we receive such wonderful words from one of our Doman kids!

Letter written by Sai through Facilitated Communication, to his Staff Coach Rosalind Doman

You also can become a part of our common history!

The wonderful team at GlobalGiving has awarded us three special badges of achievement for our fundraising efforts

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