Empowering parents to transform their kids.

Doman International gives parents knowledge and tools to help their children with special needs grow and develop.


A holistic, integrative approach

The Doman Method is a comprehensive plan for kids with special needs

Families come to us with children with a variety of diagnoses which include autism, cerebral palsy, developmental delay, ADD/ADHD, PDD-NOS, epilepsy, brain injury, learning difficulties, Trisomy 21 and other genetic abnormalities, as well as a variety of different developmental disabilities and neurological conditions. At Doman International, we give parents the tools they need to treat their children at home. Our parent training courses are specifically designed to empower parents so they can take the reins in their child's development. We have found when children receive therapies at home, the results are great. We don't believe any child is hopeless.


We partner with parents to help kids

One-on-one coaching and guidance

Our staff are teachers and coaches -- they are trained to educate and guide parents on how to help their children progress in the most important areas of development, including the child's cognitive, physical, social, and speech development. Our staff designs specific Doman Method treatment programs, and teaches parents how to carry it out with their children. We answer the questions that parents have about their child's development so that they can better understand their child and know how to help them develop in every possible way.


Plain and simple.

We want our children to become independent, thriving adults. 


First we listen. Then we solve.

Years of research and experience have led to our solutions.

Having helped thousands of children over decades, our staff have seen nearly everything. This experience makes them uniquely qualified to help families and children. Our staff does not believe in saying "no" - we focus on solutions instead of problems. We hold ourselves to this high standard with each and every family we work with.


Children are our mission

Parents are our students

the finest parent training course in the world


Despair isn't productive.

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We will never give up on your child.

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