3 Ways to Reduce Stress While Doing Your Program


I know that for mothers doing a Doman Program, reducing stress seems like a ridiculous thought! You have so much to do and so little time! So here are three simple ways to include stress reduction into your program that will help you, plus be fun for your child. 

1) Simple breathing exercises can greatly reduce stress. 

I always encourage every mother to learn to breathe properly so that they can actively reduce stress. I know that many moms get so stressed out that sometimes they feel they need to lock themselves into a room and scream in frustration! I highly suggest you go into a room on your own and breathe in, then hold your breath exhaling for 5 seconds. This alone can reduce your cortisol levels [our stress hormone] and help your body relax. 

As you get used to it, perhaps begin doing this type of breathing every time your child is masking or every time they go down the Inclined flour. Make it part of your day to constantly be reducing stress so that you are better able to handle the issues that come your way.

2. Affectionate hugging makes you happy and reducing stress. 

Hugging, kissing and cuddling are great for reducing stress. When you do this, you are activating your parasympathetic Nervous System which decreases stress. 

Finding ways each day to show physical affection can reduce stress. For example, every time your child does an Inclined Floor make sure to give them a big long hug or if your child is walker or runner make sure they get a big hug every time they finish an activity. Hugging is a great way to reduce stress for you and your child together. 

Your spouse may really enjoy this stress reducer as well! 

Make it a goal to do this at least 5 times per day, and you will see results. The connection you already have with your child will be strengthened too. 

You can find more information about this in articles in Psychology Today:https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/spycatcher/200911/the-lips-dont-lie

3. Dance Break! 

Music and dancing are an amazing way to reduce stress. Every time you finish a patterning, consider putting on music and everyone takes a dance break. If your child doesn’t dance yet that’s fine, hold them tight and dance with them. Dancing and smiling will do wonders to reduce stress and give your child much needed break. They are working so hard so give them some time to have fun!

Whichever way resonates with you is right for you! If you want more ideas about self care or reducing stress please contact me at morgan@domaninternatinal.org 

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