Glenn Doman: He Never Left the Wounded Behind

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To speak about what I learned from my grandfather, Glenn Doman, I have to tell you first about my parents. I was born in Bryn Mawr in September to Rosalind and Douglas Doman. When I was only three months old, I was given a shot and began to have complications. I fell very ill with the whooping cough and had to go on antibiotics. 

This left me brain injured. 

What did that mean for me? As I grew, I had severe learning problems, poor memory and I couldn’t read at all. If I had been born in a family with conventional parents and been placed in a conventional school, I would have been failed miserably. 

Luckily, I had parents who knew what to do for a brain-injury, after all, I am fortunate enough to be the granddaughter of Glenn Doman. They began an intensive Doman Method Program and didn’t stop.

I did the Doman Method Program for years. Daily aerobic running, the Doman Method reading program, sometimes crawling and creeping, etc. I did the Doman Method program every single day. It took my parents years to get me well. There was no magic pill. My mother worked so hard every day to help me learn, and my dad did everything he could do support her. 

My favorite part about doing the program was when my dad read to me in the morning before he went to work. He read 5 volumes of Harry Potter to me, I still love reading those books because I hear his voice. Every day before going to work, he did this part of the program. Not many kids are lucky enough to have dads that pitch in that way. My dad also stayed home on Thursdays to do the program with me and my siblings. Thursdays became known as “Dad’s Day”.

My mother did mostly everything else with me. It wasn’t always easy for her because I was a strong-willed child, but she always kept going. Even when I had major temper tantrums and made her life difficult, she always believed in me. She taught me how to read and write everyday, she sacrificed so that I could write this very blog article for you. 

You see, my grandfather always said “You never leave the wounded behind” but it was my parents who taught me what that really means. They sacrificed, they fought, they kept going so that I could live my life. 

Glenn Doman created the Doman Method, and my parents learned directly from him. They know what it means to get up everyday and live it.

It is my grandfather’s 100th birthday this year and the world will celebrate a great man and his accomplishments. He changed the world and certainly left it in better condition then when he arrived. This being said, I think he would agree with me when I say that the beating heart of the Doman Method are the parents. They are the ones that are doing it, living it, breathing it. They are the ones who are showing the world that kids who are blind and deaf because of brain injury can learn to see and hear. They are the ones showing the world that kids who are diagnosed with cerebral palsy can walk. They are the ones who are changing the world by saving a single child’s life.

My parents could have left me behind. I would still be alive, but unable to read, write and therefore unable to live my life. I wouldn’t have been able to earn a master’s degree in non-profit management. I wouldn’t have been able to become a certified life coach. I wouldn’t get to be the managing director of Doman International. I would have had few options.

But my parents, Douglas and Rosalind Doman, never left me behind. Speaking from experience, I can say they won’t leave your kid behind either.

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